Welcome to the MIT Chemical Engineering REFS Group


Welcome to MIT Chemical Engineering REFS group! We are Course X's version of REFS (Resources for Easing Friction and Stress), an institute wide organization established with helping students cope with the stressors of graduate school. The graduate students in this group are called 'REFS' and offer mediation, and counseling to fellow grad students in the department in times of conflict or stress. We intend REFS-X to be a safe space that students feel comfortable to express their fears without judgement. We also aim to act as a sounding board, helping peers explore other options to deal with stress. Throughout the semester, the REFS-X group will also be several events, including events to handle the stress of first year classes, advisor selection, quals, and workshops for difficult conversations and negotiations during a graduate career.

Google form for REFS-X appointments: https://forms.gle/GdHGYLRPC3xX16YQA