Welcome to the MIT Chemical Engineering REFS Group


We have a dedicated group of students who have all been trained through MIT's Office of Conflict Resolution to be able to support you. Our students are from various backgrounds, and research fields from MIT. Please feel free to contact any of us if you'd like to talk to someone; our emails are available below. Alternatively, you can email us directly. Our faculty contact is Professor Kristala Prather.

Neil Dalvie

Interests: systems biology, yeast genetics, biomanufacturing
Group: Love Lab
Year: 2016
Undergrad: Northwestern
Hometown: San Diego, CA, USA
Hobbies: basketball, foosball, hiking, beer

Kevin Silmore

Interests: colloids, nanoparticles, numerical methods, statistical thermodynamics
Group: Strano/Swan Labs
Year: 2016
Undergrad: Princeton
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Hobbies: violin, biking, Mario Kart 8, squash, board games

Cynthia Ni

Interests: synthetic biology, metabolic engineering
Group: Prather Lab
Year: 2016
Undergrad: University of British Columbia
Hometown: Portland, OR, USA
Hobbies: ultimate frisbee, hiking, beer, ceramics

MayLin Howard

Interests: drug delivery, tissue engineering
Group: Hammond Lab
Year: 2016
Undergrad: University of Rochester
Hometown: Rochester, NY, USA
Hobbies: gardening, baking, anything to do with puppies & kittens!

Jennifer Kaczmarek

Interests: metabolic engineering, biosensors
Group: Prather Lab
Year: 2017
Undergrad: Auburn University
Hometown: Tampa, FL, USA
Hobbies: hiking, baking, crafts, reading, video games, anime

Joy Zeng

Interests: electrochemistry, catalysis, bio-inspired things
Group: Manthiram Lab
Year: 2017
Undergrad: Stanford University
Hometown: Gaithersburg, MD, USA
Hobbies: wushu, taekwondo, skating, anything outdoors

Chun Man Chow

Interests: environmental engineering, water and air purification
Group: Karnik Lab (MechE)
Year: 2017
Undergrad: University of California, Berkeley
Hometown: Hong Kong
Hobbies: art, cooking, eating, outdoorsy stuff

Cindy Jin

Interests: biosensors, nanomaterials
Group: Strano Lab
Year: 2018
Undergrad: Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Hometown: Hangzhou, China
Hobbies: baking, swimming, hiking, calligraphy

Emily Krucker-Velasquez

Interests: colloids, statistical thermodynamics, soft matter physics
Group: Swan Lab
Year: 2018
Undergrad: University of Guadalajara
Hometown: Guadalajara, Mexico
Hobbies: guitar, mountain biking, puzzles, philosophy

Pradeep Natarajan

Interests: statistical physics, transcription biology
Group: Chakraborty Lab
Year: 2018
Undergrad: Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
Hometown: Chennai, India
Hobbies: history, literature, biking, cooking, tennis, and cricket

Srinivasa (Srinu) Pujari

Interests: microfluidics, tissue Engineering, 3D printing
Group: Chung Lab
Year: 2017
Undergrad: Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
Hometown: Amadalavalasa, India
Hobbies: badminton, cooking

Natasha Seelam

Interests: quantum chemistry, enzymes, biocatalysis
Group: Tidor/Prather Lab
Year: 2013
Undergrad: Johns Hopkins University
Hometown: Downingtown, PA, USA
Hobbies: painting, drawing, movies, video games