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Current Officers

Priyanka Chatterjee
Vice President:
Beth Cholst
Jenny Wang
Treasurer Emeritus:
Sarah Yu
Associate Treasurer:
Laura Malhotra
Intercollegiate Team Captain:
Ashley Chapin
Recording Secretary:
Lasya Thilagar
Member Secretary:
Shawn Pan
Boutique/Kleenex Chair:
Noa Ressing, Maureen
Education Chair:
Bonny Kellerman, Esther Horwich
Exhibition Chair:
Yee Ling Gan, Genny Gould
Exhibition Committee:
Trish Fleming, Susan Alpert
Competition Committee:
Shawn Pan, Bonny Kellerman, Ashley Chapin, Aubrey Samost
Adult Team Captain:
Diane Brancazio
Special Events Chair:
Diane Brancazio
Theater On Ice Captain:
Victoria Lee, Aubrey Samost
Test Chair:
Susan Alpert
Test Committee:
Ashley Chapin, Aubrey Samost
Laura D'Aquila
Assistant Webmaster:
Yee Ling Gan, Peitong Duan
Maura Hennessey
Susan Alpert
Skate Rentals:
Noa Rensing, Priyanka Chatterjee
Aviva Siegel, Subarna Basnet

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Each Spring (usually the day after the annual show) the Club has a general membership meeting and holds elections. Any member of the Club is permitted to run for an Executive Board position. An officer's term begins on May 1 of the year elected and terminates upon leaving the MIT community, resignation, or April 30 of the following year, whichever is earliest.

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