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Innovation Grant -Intellectual Property (IP) and Commercialization

The IP protection, ownership and commercialization for Innovation Grant funded projects are summarized below:

Background IP refers to IP developed and reduced to practice before the Innovation Grant funding will be owned by the “Home Institution”.  The “Home Institution” is the employer of the particular faculty inventor.


New IP created or reduced to practice using the Innovation Grant funds will be owned by the Home Institutions.  (If, for example, a faculty from NTU is the sole inventor, the invention will be owned by NTU).  The patent management for the New IP will be handled by NUS Industry Liaison Office (ILO) and the commercialization will be negotiated by NUS ILO in consultation with the Director, Innovation Centre.

Collaboration on Commercialization.  The commercialization of the New IP will be done collaboratively between the Home Institution, NUS ILO and under the guidance of the Director, Innovation Centre.  A preference will be given to forming a start-up company.


Royalty Split. The relative split in royalty or equity between Background and New IP will be negotiated between the various parties.  (Home Institution(s), NUS ILO, Director of Innovation Centre and the third party license or start-up company). The share of royalty or equity for the New IP will be split according to a formula set in the Master Grant Agreement from the National Research Foundation (a copy of the relevant sections of the Master Grant Agreement is available upon request).