The Contest

Jacob has finally died after three weeks of strenuous travelling. Your dejected
party treads into Fort Bennings with two oxen and a battered wagon. Famished
and weather-beaten, you grieve the death of your only marksman by binging
on the remaining 600 pounds of meat. With only $150 left in your pockets,
all that the townspeople are willing to sell you are a box of legos and a 6.270
Happyboard (version 2.0). Now, faced with 1000 more miles between you
and Oregon, you must hunt your way through the grueling landscape for food.
The competition is stiff. What’s worse: the newly enacted Environmental
Protection Act of 1827 punishes all those who hunt more than they can carry.
Unable to hit the flat side of a barn at 20 paces, your party’s only hope lies
in engineering the perfect bot to help you fulfill your 2,000 calorie dietary
requirement. Will your story be another Oregon legend of engineering miracle,
or will you die of dysentary in the foothills of the Rockies?