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Cataloguing our experience, experimentations, and discoveries in MIT's 2008 6.270 LEGO Robot Competition.

6.270 @ IAP

The month of January at MIT is host to the Independent Activities Period (IAP). IAP is an opportunity to take classes that students would otherwise not take, not have time for, or are not offered during the semester. For Jared Turkewitz, Dan Sauza, and Michael Snively, IAP is an opportunity to build a robot out of LEGOs. 6.270 is a class all about programming, construction, and working together to create an autonomous LEGO robot capable of accomplishing whatever task it is designed for.

This website is intended to explain the contest, introduce you to Team Awesome's members, detail our robot, explain our strategy, provide access to our code, and display results of the contest.

  Last Updated: January 31, 2008