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Doctoral Degree Theses

Lily Hsu, "New Microscopy Techniques for Tissue Engineering - Functional Diagnostic and Substrate Lithographic Modification", 2004.

Hayden Huang, "Cellular Responses to Mechanical Stresses Applied via Magnetic Manipulators", 2001.

Tae-Woong Koo, "Measurement of Analytes Through Turbid Media by Raman Spectroscopy", 2001.

Ki Hean Kim, "Two-Photon Video Rate Microscopy for Non-invasive Biopsy" (current)

Hyuk-Sang Kwon, "Two-photon Single Particle Tracking - A Study of Intracellular Transport Processes" (current)

Euiheon Chung, "Super-Diffraction Limited Imaging Using Standing Wave Total Internal Reflection Microscopy" (current)

Maxine Jonas, "Fast Fluorescence Microrheometry for Quantitative Study of Cytoskeletal Mechanotransduction" (current)

Tsu-Te Judith Su,"Lithographic Regulation of Cellular Migration and Rheology" (Current)

Master Degree Theses

Tsu-Te Judith Su, "Lithographic Regulation of Cellular Mechanical Properties", 2004.

George Cragg, "Ultra-High Resolution Optical Imaging by Standing Wave Total Internal Reflection Microscopy", 2000.

Costas M. Pitsillides, "Selective Cell Targeting with Light-Absorbing Particles", 2000.

Tuck Meng Lui, "Wavelet-Based Multi-Resolution Techniques for Two Dimensional Data Analysis", 1999 (Dept. of Civil Engineering)

Bachelor Degree Theses

Tsu-Te Judith Su, "Phloem Transport in Arabidopsis Thaliana Seedlings as a Function of Osmotic Stress", 2002.

Sneha Madhavan, "A Magnetic DNA Twisting Device", 2000.

Seth O. Newburg, "A feasibility Study of Lambda-Exonuclease Step Size Measurement at the Angstrom Sacle", 2000.

Eric A. Bevin, "Two-Color Imaging to Determine Two-Photon Microscopy Point Spread Function in Turbid Media", 1999.

Bill J. Simmons, "Identification of Non-inhibiting Stains for Lambda Exonuclease Digestion of Lambda DNA", 1999.

William H. III Stadtlander, "Improving Two-photon Tissue Imaging Resolution Based on Maximum Likelihood Blind Deconvolution", 1999.

Adam E. Weintraub, "Redesign of Anchoring and Location Mechanism of the Coaxial Breast Biopsy System", 1999.

Alankar Chhabra, "Man-Portable, Rocket-Propelled Surveillance Vehicle", 1998.

Lawrence Chow, "A Monte Carlo Study of Two-photon Point Spread Function in Turbid Medium", 1997.

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