So Lab - BEAM Bioinstrumentation Engineering Analysis and Microscopy

  Research in the So Lab

Core Technologies


- Microscopy & Spectroscopy
- Optical Engineering & Nonlinear Optics
- Optical Detector Electronics
- Control & Automation for High Throughput Data Acquisition
- Image Informatics

Cellular Level Projects

- High Resolution Microscopy
- Fluorescence Spectroscopy
- Mechano-spectroscopy

Tissue Level Projects
  - Multifocal Multiphoton Microscopy & Tissue Cytometry
- Endoscopy
- Tissue Spectroscopy


Cellular Level

- Cell Mechanics & Imaging
- Fast Fluorescence Microrheology
- Global Fitting of Fluorescence Lifetime Images
- Lithographic Regulation of Cellular Migration & Rheology
- Magnetic Trapping
- Multiple Particle Tracking on a Multifocal Multiphoton Microscope (MMM)
- Quantitative Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET)
- Spectrally Resolved Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS)
- Standing-wave Total Internal Reflection Microscopy (SW-TIRF)

Tissue Level

- Fast XY Scanning Stage for Multiphoton Microscopy
- High-speed Handheld Minaturized Multiphoton Multifocal Microscopy (H2M4)
- High-speed Multiphoton Microscopy
- Multifocal Multiphoton Microscopy (MMM) for High Throughput Tissue Imaging
- Second Harmonic Generation (SHG) Imaging & Spectroscopy
- Tissue & Cell Spectroscopy
- Two-photon Endoscopy
- Two-photon Image Cytometry
- Vibratome for Multiphoton Microscopy

Core Applications
  - Carcinogenesis
- Optical biopsy based on multi-photon imaging, spectroscopy & second harmonic generation
- Mechanotransduction
- Torsional effects on DNA-protein binding

Bawendi Lab: Inhee Chung (MIT)
Chen Lab: ChingHung Shen (MIT)

Dedon Lab
: Peter Dedon (MIT)

Grodzinsky Lab: Jonathan (MIT)
Kamm Lab: Nur Aida Abdul Rahim (MIT)
Michael Kirber (Boston University)

Langer Lab
: Sasawata/Ghosh (MIT)

Lee Lab: Richard Lee (Brigham & Women's Hospital)
Lippard Lab: Mi Hee Lim (MIT)
Marriott Lab: Gerard Marriott (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Nevidi Lab: Wei-Chung Lee (MIT)
Ruby Pai (MIT)
Steele Lab: Dai Fukumura & Rakesh Jain (Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston)
Suki Lab: Bela Suki (Boston University)
Tschumperlin Lab: Nikola Kojic (Harvard Medical School)
Whitesides Lab: Xingyu Justin Jiang (Harvard University)



1. NSF DBI-9987122 (PI) 9/15/2000-9/14/2003
"Standing Wave Total Internal Reflection Microscopy - in vivo biological imaging at the nanometer scale"
The goal of this project is to develop an optical imaging technique that can image biological systems with resolution better than 50 nm.

2. NIH/NCI R21/R33 CA84740-01 (co-PI) 9/15/2000-9/14/2004
"Fluorescence Detection of Genetic Instability in Mice"
The goal of this project is to develop a methodology to study cancinogenesis resulting from recombination events inside in vivo tissues.

3. NIH/HLBI P01 HL64858-01A1 (co-PI) 9/28/2001-9/17/2006
"Mechanotransduction in Cardiovascular Cells"
The goal of this project is to understand mechanotransduction processes in cardiovascular cells.

4. NIH/NCI R33 CA091354-01A1 (PI) 5/1/2002-4/30/2005
"Two-Photon Optical Biopsy Probe"
The goal of this project is to develop a hand-held two-photon microscopic biopsy probe for a minimally invasive detection of cancer.

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