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October 8 Neer Asherie, MIT
Phase Transitions in Protein Solutions
October 15 Jay R. Winkler, California Institute of Technology
Probing Protein Folding Landscapes
October 22 Amy Mullin, Boston University
New Tools for Predicting the Collisional Behavior of
High Energy Molecules Using High Resolution
Infrared Probes
October 29 Matthew Lang, MIT
New Dimensions in Single Biomolecule Measurements
November 5 Robert Jones, University of Virginia
Using Short Light Pulses to Manipulate and View
Quantum Dynamics in Atoms
November 12 Louis Brus, Columbia University
Raman Spectra of Single Molecules at the Junctions
of Ag Nanocrystals
November 19 Thomas Feurer, MIT
Femtosecond Time-Resolved X-ray Diffraction
November 26 Brett Bouma, Harvard Medical School
Characterization of Coronary Atherosclerosis
with OCT
December 3 Joseph Lakowicz, University of Maryland
Metal-enhanced Fluorescence: Biomedical Applications
December 12 Daniel G. Nocera, MIT
The Chemistry, Biology and Physics of Proton-Coupled
Electron Transfer

TUESDAYS, 12:00-1:00, GRIER ROOM (34-401)

Refreshments served following the seminar

Sponsored by the George R. Harrison Spectroscopy Laboratory and
the School of Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and
the Rowland Institute for Science.