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The Tools for Studying Light

From its very beginnings, the Spectroscopy Laboratory has recognized that world-class research requires state-of-the-art equipment. As a result, the Laboratory strives to maintain a diverse collection of laser systems for the purpose of fundamental and applied research in modern optics and spectroscopy. In addition, the Spectroscopy Laboratory houses the Laser Biomedical Research Center (LBRC), an NIH supported center whose facilities are open for biological and biomedicine research.

As an organizational unit, the Spectroscopy Laboratory consists of a collection of main and auxiliary laboratories, having one of the largest and most diverse collections of lasers and instrumentation in an academic environment. The following list describes the various facilities and equipment available, as well as a brief overview of the ongoing research objectives. The principal investigator responsible for each laboratory is indicated.

Main Laboratories and Facilities

Laser Biomedical Research Center

BUILDING/ROOM                           RESEARCH

6-006      Light Scattering Interferometry Laboratory
6-008      Tissue Scanner Laboratory
6-010      Chemical Laboratory
6-012      Cell Culture Laboratory
6-014      Pico Femtosecond Laboratory
6-204      Optical Probe Laboratory
6C-033a  Trans-Dermal Glucose Detection Laboratory
6C-033b  Tomography Microscopy Laboratory
6C-033ca Low Coherence Interferometry Laboratory
6C-048    Raman Microscopy Laboratory
6C-048    Raman Spectroscopy of Nanotube Laboratory

Auxiliary Laboratories and Facilities

BUILDING/ROOM                           RESEARCH

6-031       Pulsed Visible/UV Spectroscopy/ Molecular Dynamics
18-085     Spectroscopy of Nanostructured Materials
2-009       fs Non-Linear Spectroscopy of Condensed Phases
2-041       fs Non-Linear Spectroscopy of Condensed Phases
2-048       fs Non-Linear Spectroscopy of Condensed Phases
6-007       Picosecond Time-Resolved Spectroscopy
6-031       Pulsed Visible/UV Spectroscopy and Combustion Kinetics
6-011       Picosecond Laboratory
13-4138   Raman Micro-Spectroscopy Facility
6-020       Combustion Dynamics Laboratory
6-013       Tokmakoff Research Laboratory
6-009       Nelson Research Laboratory