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Oct 12 Daniel Grischkowsky, Oklahoma State University
THz time domain spectroscopy of molecular vapors (abstract)
Oct 19 Elfar Adalsteinsson, MIT
Magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging: Spatial encoding and applications to disease (abstract)
Oct 26 Dewey Holten, Washington University
Ultrafast electron transfer in photosynthetic reaction centers (abstract)
Nov 2 Christoph Rose-Petruck, Brown University
Ultravast (XAFS) measurement of solvated transition metal complexes (abstract)
Nov 9 Louis Brus, Columbia University
Rayleigh scattering from single carbon nanotubes (abstract)
Nov 16

Michael Feld, MIT
Spectral diagnosis

Nov 23 Lihong Wang, Texas A&M University
Photonic imaging in biological tissue
Nov 30 Grace Chou, MIT
Photoluminescence spectroscopy of DNA-wrapped carbon nanotubes
Dec 7 Dara Entekhabi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Multispectral earth imaging for earth and environmental science

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