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October 11

Junichiro Kono, Rice University
Ultrafast and magneto-optical spectroscopy of carbon nanotubes

October 25

Gary Wiederrecht, Argon National Laboratory
Optical spectroscopy of nanoscale plasmonic heterostructures

November 1

Subra Suresh, MIT
Nanotechnology and computations at the intersections of engineering, biology and medicine

November 8

John Thomas, Duke University
Atomic Fermi gases with strong interactions: Superconductors, neutron stars, and quark gluon plasmas on a desktop

November 15

Stephanie Reich, MIT
Single-walled carbon nanotubes-tuning the optical properties of a nanomaterial

November 29

Lene Hau, Harvard University
Shocking Bose-Einstein condensates with slow light

December 6

Joel Parks, Roland Institute at Harvard
Ultrafast imaging and control of plasma waves in Fermi seas

December 13

Yoel Fink, MIT
Can invisible objects see? On the imaging properties of transparent photodetecting fiber webs

TUESDAYS, 12:00-1:00, GRIER ROOM (34-401)
Refreshments served following the seminar

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