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Seminar on
Modern Optics and Spectroscopy

Richard Averitt, Boston University

"Active terahertz metamaterials"

November 13 , 2007

12:00 noon - 1:00 p.m. Grier Room 34-401


Compared to the neighboring infrared and microwave regions, the terahertz regime is still  in need of fundamental technological advances. This derives, in part, from a paucity of  naturally occurring materials with useful electronic or photonic properties at terahertz  frequencies. This results in formidable challenges for creating the components needed for  generating, detecting, and manipulating THz waves. Considering the promising  applications of THz radiation, it is important overcome such material limitations by  searching for new materials, or by constructing artificial materials with a desired  electromagnetic response. Metamaterials are a new type of artificial composite with  electromagnetic properties that derive from their sub-wavelength structure. The potential  of metamaterials for THz radiation originates from a resonant electromagnetic response  which can be tailored for specific applications. Metamaterials thus offer a route towards  helping to fill the so-called “THz gap”. In this work we discuss novel planar THz  metamaterials. Importantly, the dependence of the resonant response on the supporting  substrate enables the creation of active THz metamaterials. We show that the resonant  response can be efficiently controlled using optical or electrical approaches. This has  resulted in the creation of efficient THz switches and modulators of potential importance  for advancing real world THz applications.


TUESDAYS, 12:00-1:00, GRIER ROOM (34-401)
Refreshments served following the seminar

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