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Lester Wolfe Workshop in Laser Biomedicine

FALL 2010

A Scientific Tribute to Michael Feld

Michael Feld was a founder of the Lester Wolfe workshops, so it is appropriate that this one be a tribute to him. It is even more appropriate to make it a workshop on laser science and biomedicine. The topics remind us both of his lasting contributions in these areas and of his talent for fostering fruitful collaborations (and friendships) across discipline boundaries.

Ramachandra R. Dasari, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Charles H. Holbrow, Colgate University

Travels with Michael: Using Dicke's superradiance and coherent Raman to detect anthrax in the mail
Marlan Scully, Texas A&M University

Limited Superradiance in a Rydberg Gas
Yan Zhou, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Adventures in Biomedical Raman Spectroscopy: Carrying on the tradition
Andrew Berger, University of Rochester

Tracking Multiple Myeloma Growth and Response to Therapy Using Optics
Charles Lin, Massachusetts General Hospital

See the Unseen: Imaging through turbidity
Wonshik Choi, Korea University

Tuesday, November 23, 2010, 3:30 - 6:00 PM
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Grier Room, 34-401
77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

Refreshments served at 3:00 PM

Sponsored by the George R. Harrison Spectroscopy Laboratory, MGH Wellman Center for Photomedicine, Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology, and Center for the Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology (CIMIT).