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Building Community: A Third World Case Book
A summary of the Habitat International Coalition Non-Governmental Organization's [sic] Project for the International Year of Shelter for the Homeless, 1987, in association with Habitat Forum Berlin. Edited by Bertha Turner. London: Community Books.



Editor's Preface

Foreword by Dom Hlder Camara, Archbishop Emeritus of the Diocese of Olinda and Recife, Brazil. Edited from his keynote address given at the Habitat Forum Berlin Conference: “Learning from One Another in Berlin (West), June, 1987.

Introduction by John F.C. Turner, Coordinator of the Habitat International Coalition's NGO Habitat Project for the International Year of Shelter for the Homeless, 1987, the source of the case materials in this book.

African Cases

  • Human Settlements of Zambia (HUZA), Lusaka. NGO promotes community development.
  • Kebele 41, Redd Barna Project, Addis Ababa. Community-based urban development in Ethiopia.
  • Pozzolana Cement Project (PPCT), Ruhengeri. A local alternative to Portland cement in Rwanda.
  • Tarime Rural Development Project (TARDEP). Rural people improve their housing in Tanzania.
  • Ukanal Fe, Oussuye, Casamance. Young people develop their community in Senegal.

Asian Cases

  • Baldia Soakpit Project, Karachi. Pakistani women lead a low-cost sanitation project.
  • Ganeshnagar, Poona. Renters take over and transform an Indian slum settlement.
  • Kampung Banyu Urip, Surabaya. Indonesians participate in inner-city settlement improvement.
  • Klong Toey, Bangkok. A slum community's thirty-year struggle in Thailand.
  • Orangi Pilot Project, Karachi. A low-cost sewer system by low-income Pakistanis.
  • Saarland Village 1, Greater Manila. Philippino squatters become secure home owners.
  • Village Reconstruction Organization (VRO), Coromandel Coast. Landless rural Indians build new villages.
  • Yayasan Sosial Soegiyapranata (YSS), Semarang. New homes and improved lives for Indonesian scavengers.

Latin American and Caribbean Cases

  • Centro Co-operativista Uruguayo, Complejo Bulevar and Mesa 1, Montevideo. High-rise management and low-rise self-build cooperatives.
  • El Augustino Zone III, Lima. Peruvians redevelop their inner-city settlement homes.
  • Palo Alto Co-operative, Metropolitan Mexico. Rural migrants gain secure housing in Mexico.
  • Villa Chaco Chico, Cordoba. Argentineans secure tenure and develop their settlement.
  • Villa El Salvador, Atocongo, Lima. Low-income Peruvians build a new township.
  • Women's Construction Collective (WCC), Kingston. Skills and employment for Jamaican women.

Issues and Conclusions by John F.C. Turner

A Directory of Sources

The Limuru Declaration: drafted in April 1987 by representatives of 45 NGOs worldwide.

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