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Institutional Issues

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Cooperative Autonomy: The Dialectic of State-NGOs Relationship in Developing Countries
Sanyal, Bishwapriya. 1994. Geneva: International Institute for Labour Studies.



Part I: From the benevolent to the evil State: History of the rise of anti-government sentiment in developmental discourse

    1. The strategy of unequal development
    2. Why the developmental State?
    3. The State and political modernization
    4. Social modernization and the State
    5. Inspiration for national planning and the strong State
    6. The rude awakening
    7. From the benevolent to the evil State
    8. The dependent capitalist State
    9. Whatever happened to the revolution?
    10. The rent-seeking State
    11. Political precondition for capitalist development
    12. Cultural preconditions of economic growth
    13. North American influence on anti-state sentiments
    14. Anti-state theorizing: Construction of political myths or representation of reality?

Part II: Cooperative autonomy: Linkages and distances between the State and civil society

    1. Development from below: The fashion of the 1970s
    2. Non-governmental organizations: The new agents of development
    3. Preference for NGOs over state institutions
    4. Does development trickle up?
    5. The limits of NGOs
    6. The synergistic relationship between NGOs and the State: Three case studies

      A. The Grameen Bank in Bangladesh
      B. Proshika in Bangladesh
      C. Self-employed Women’s Association in India

    7. The search for cooperative autonomy: A new research agenda
    8. A two-part research strategy
    9. Are there good bureaucrats?
    10. Additional research questions

      A. Relationship between market institutions and NGOs
      B. Relationship between NGOs and political parties
      C. Relationship between NGOs and organized labour



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