Getting Started: Identification
Upgrading Strategies

Table of Contents for:

Freedom to Build: Dweller Control of the Housing Process
Turner, John F. C. and R. Fichter. 1972. New York: The Macmillan Company.


Part One
Autonomy in Housing: Cases and Issues

    1. William C. Grindley
    Owner-Builders: Survivors with a Future

    2. Richard B. Spohn
    The Owner-Builder: Legislative Analysis and Recommendation

    3. Rolf Goetze
    Urban Housing Rehabilitation: Two Approaches Contrasted to illustrate Productive and Meaningful Dweller Participation

    4. Hans H. Harms
    The Housing Problem for Low-Income People

    5. Peter Grenell
    Planning for Invisible People: Some Consequences of Bureaucratic Values and Practices

    6. John F.C. Turner
    The Reeducation of a Professional

    7. John. F.C. Turner
    Housing as a Verb

    8. Hans H. Harms
    User and Community Involvement in Housing and Its Effects on Professionalism

    9. Ian Donald Terner
    Technology and Autonomy

Part Two
Increasing Autonomy in Housing: A Review and Conclusions

Robert Fichter, John F.C. Turner, and Peter Grenell

    10. The Meaning of Autonomy
    11. The Necessity for Networks
    12. Increasing Housing Autonomy


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