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Social Issues

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“Special Issue on Gender and Development.”
Chant, Sylvia. 1995. Third World Planning Review 17 (2).

    Gender and development in the 1990s
    Sylvia Chant


    Female-headed households in Honduras: perspectives on rural-urban differences
    Sarah Bradshaw

    Gender, structural adjustment and employment in urban Zimbabwe
    Nazneen Kanji and Niki Jazdowska

    Community, seclusion and female labour force participation in Madras, India
    Penny Vera-Sanso

    Neither victims nor heroines: women, land and housing in Mexican cities
    Ann Varley

    Power for women and men: towards a gendered approach to domestic energy policy and planning in South Africa
    Amita Makan

    Gender and international survival strategies: a research agenda with reference to Filipina lobour migrants in Italy
    Cecilia Tacoli

    In sickness and in health: engendering health policy for development
    Jo Beall

    Women, gender and urban development policy: challenges for current and future research
    Caroline O.N. Moser

    Gender, race and ethnicity: concepts, realities and policy implications
    Cathy McIlwaine

Book Reviews

    Kabeer, Naila, Reversed Realities: Gender Hierarchies in Development Thought; and Sparr, Pamela (ed.), Mortgaging Women’s Lives: Feminist Critiques of Structural Adjustment (Lynne Brydon)

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