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Institutional Issues

Table of Contents for:

Mastering the Machine: Poverty, Aid and Technology
Smillie, Ian. 1991. Boulder, Colorado: Westview Press, 1991.


Part One: The Failure to Learn from Failure

    I. A tale of two worlds
    II. Poverty in the South
    III. The best of the West: thinking big
    IV The third sector and the Third World

Part Two: What We Know

    V. Technology in history: lies and promises
    VI. Small is beautiful
    VII. Farmers, food and forests
    VIII. Post-harvest technologies
    IX. Energy and power
    X. The house that Jack built: construction materials
    XI. Light engineering and the very late starters

Part Three: An Enabling Environment

    XII. Perspectives on women and technology
    XIII. Employment and the informal sector: the economists lose control
    XIV. Technology: the policy factor
    XV. Mastering the machine



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