Getting Started: Identification
Social Issues

Table of Contents for:

A Place to Live: Gender Research on Housing in Africa
Schlyter, Ann. 1996. Uppsala: Nordiska Afrikainstitutet.

Chapter 1
Ann Schlyter

Chapter 2

    Conducting Gender Research in Zambia
    Mulela Margaret Munalula

Chapter 3

    Rethinking Law in a Gender Perspective
    Signe Arnfred

Chapter 4

    Women’s and Men’s Right to Land in Eastern Africa
    Diana Lee-Smith

Chapter 5

    Housing Conflicts and Women’s Strategies in Lesotho
    Anita Larsson

Chapter 6

    Gendered Housing Responsibilities in an Unauthorised Settlement in Mali
    Mariken Vaa

Chapter 7

    Housing for Domestic Workers in Swaziland
    Miranda Miles

Chapter 8

    Women Owners, Tenants and Sharers in Botswana
    Kavita Datta

Chapter 9

    Gender, Generation, and Access to Housing in Zambia
    Karen Tranberg Hansen

Chapter 10

    Beer Brewing and Housing Strategies in Lesotho
    Matseliso Mapetla

Chapter 11

    Women’s Groups and Shelter Improvement in Kenya
    Joyce Malombe


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