Carrying It Out - Implementation Issues

Table of Contents for:

Urban Applications of Satellite Remote Sensing and GIS Analysis,
Paulsson, Bengt. 1992. Washington DC: The World Bank, Urban Management Program.

Executive Summary

I. Introduction

    The need for urban management information
    The satellite remote sensing approach
    Relations to other information sources
    Integration of GIS and remote sensing
    Objectives of the report

II. Satellite Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques

    Sources of satellite data
    Analysis techniques
    GIS and computerized mapping

III. Review of Major Areas of Application

    Geometric quality
    Elevation mapping
    Information content
    Land-use and land-cover
    Change mapping and updating
    Housing typology
    Hazard-prone areas
    Watershed analysis
    Multisectoral studies, GIS modeling

IV. Technology Issues

    Satellite data products
    Technical availability and constraints
    Climatic constraints
    Reference data
    Quality control

V. Institutional Issues

    Options for applying satellite remote sensing
    Technological options

VI. Conclusions

Annex A: Procuring Satellite Data Products

    Points of contact
    Range of products available
    Price indications
    Cost comparison with aerial photography

Annex B: Reference Data and Quality Control

    Collection of reference data
    Error sources
    Accuracy assessment

Annex C: Equipment Requirements

    Sample configurations


Suggested Readings



    1-1. Sources of data available for mapping
    4-1. Scales of standard photographic products
    A-1. SPOT products in scene format
    A-2. Landsat TM products in scene format
    A-3. SPOT products in map sheet format, precision corrected
    A-4. Costs for digital topographical mapping at 1:50,000 scale in Canada
    A-5. Costs for analog map revision at 1:50,000 scale in Canada


    Box 1. Base-map from satellite data
    Box 2. Urban land-cover map
    Box 3. Detecting changed areas
    Box 4. Updating a road map using SPOT data
    Box 5. Analyzing urban growth
    Box 6. The Singapore land data hub


    2-1. Pointable instruments on SPOT satellites
    3-1. SPOT panchromatic image
    3-2. Land-cover map produced from SPOT satellite data
    3-3. Land-cover change map produced from satellite data
    3-4. Road map updated from satellite data
    4-1. Satellite image in map sheet format
    B-1. Example of an accuracy matrix

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