Carrying It Out: Implementation Issues

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Urban Land Policies and Land Management in Asian Countries,
Archer, R. W. 1990. 1985-1990. Bangkok: Human Settlements Division Working Paper No. 33, Asian Institute of Technology.

Urban Land Policy and Management
1985 Report on Land Policies in Human Settlements
New Ministry, Laws and Implementation Measures in Nepal
A National Housing Policy in India
Integrated Urban Infrastructure Development Programme, Indonesia
Taxation Measures Against Land Speculation, South Korea
Adoption of Urban Land Pooling/Readjustment in Indonesia
The Bangkok Land Management Study and the SFAP Survey
Major Role of Private Housing Developers in Bangkok
U.N. Global Strategy for Shelter, 1988-2000
Developing Urban Land Policy and Management

Notes and References


    A. Extract from the Report of the National Commission on Urbanisation, Volume 2 on the objectives of Urban Land Policy in India.

    B. Extract from NUDS Final Report 1985 on the Guided Land Development Approach and the Guided Kampong Development Approach in Indonesia

    C. Extract from Global Strategy for Shelter to the Year 2000 on Land Management and Infrastructure Guidelines.

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