Setting It Up: Definition
Physical Issues

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Efficiency in Land Use and Infrastructure Design
Bertaud, Alain. 1990. Washington DC: The World Bank.

A. Getting Started
A.1 Hardware and Software Needed to Run the Affordability Program
A.2 Preparing New Disks to Store Programs and Data

B. The 1-2-3 Program
B.1 Loading the 1-2-3 Program into the Computer
B.2 Commands and Function Keys in the 1-2-3 Program

C. The Affordability Program
C.1 Loading the “afford” or Affordability Program into the 1-2-3 Worksheet
C.2 Making a Copy of the Affordability Program Disk

D. Entering Input Data into the Affordability Table and Executing the Program
D.1 How to Enter Input Data in the Affordability Table
D.2 Executing Parts I and II of the Affordability Program
D.3 Changing Some of the Inputs
D.4 Executing Parts III and IV of the Affordability Program
D.5 Part V, Alternatives to Break Even
D.6 Executing Part VI, Percentage of Circulation

E. Saving Your Affordability Table
E.1 Printing the Affordability Table
E.2 Saving the Affordability Table
E.3 Retrieving the Affordability Table

F. Formulas in the Affordability Program
F.1 Formulas Corresponding to the Outputs in the Affordability Program

G. Using Macro Keys to Execute Alternatives and Printing the Table


I. List of parameters in the affordability program
II. Illustrative data required to run affordability program
III. Glossary of terms - microcomputer terminology

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