Setting It Up: Definition
Institutional Issues

Table of Contents for:

The Other Path: The Invisible Revolution in the Third World
De Soto, H. 1989. New York: Harper and Row.


    One - Introduction
    A Hostile Reception
    From Migrants to Informals

    Two - Informal Housing
    The Informal Acquisition of Property
    The Historical Evolution of Informal Housing
    The Long March toward Private Property

    Three - Informal Trade
    Types of Informal Trade
    The Historical Evolution of Informal Trade
    The March toward Markets

    Four - Informal Transport
    Types of Informal Transport
    The Historical Evolution of Informal Transport
    The Mystery of Cyclical Bankruptcies

    Informality in Photos appears after page 114

Part Two

    Five - The Costs and Importance of the Law
    The Costs of Formality
    The Costs of Access
    The Costs of Informality
    The National Economic Consequences of the Costs of Formality and Informality
    The Law as a Determinant of Development

    Six - The Redistributive Tradition

    Seven - The Parallel with Mercantilism
    The Characteristics of Mercantilism
    Peru: A Mercantilist Country?
    The Decline of Mercantilism and the Emergence of Informals

    Eight - Conclusion
    The Social Relevance of Legal Institutions
    The Survival of Mercantilism
    Political Voluntarism
    Left- and Right-Wing Mercantilists
    The Promise of Human Capital
    An Agenda for Change
    Final Remarks



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