Carrying It Out: Implementation
Implementation Issues

Table of Contents for:

Learning by Doing: World Bank lending for Urban Development
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Chapter One:

The Setting of Objectives
The Primary Objective: Efficiency and Equity
Initial Objectives in Shelter
Initial Objectives in Urban Transport
Emphasis on Urban Employment
Meeting Basic Needs in Shelter
Towards an Urban Perspective

Chapter Two:

The Development of an Urban Lending Program
Urban Shelter Projects
Urban Transport Projects
Integrated Urban Projects
Regional Development Projects
Employment and Productivity in Project Design

Chapter Three:

Experience in Implementation
Problem Areas and Replicability
Institutional Framework
Land Acquisition and Tenure
Cost Recovery
Shifts in Standards
Project Management
Experience with Special Components
Indicators of Implementation Status
Summary Status
Financial Indicators
Project Management
Performance Indicators
Toward an Interim Evaluation

Chapter Four:

The Management of Urban Operations
Staff Development and Training
Internal Procedures
Performance Indicators

Chapter Five:

Impact of Urban Lending
Impact on National Urban Policies
Impact on Project Design, Planning, and Investment
Setting Design Standards
Recovering Costs
Reaching the Poor
Providing Land Tenure
Changing Design Procedures

Impact on Institutional Development
Impact on Policies and Programs in Specific Cities
Impact on Project Beneficiaries
Economic Rate of Return
Households Receiving Benefits
Project Proceeds Benefiting the Urban Poor
Impact on the Development Assistance Community

Chapter Six:

Conclusion: The Task Ahead
Urban Growth in the 1980s
The Urban Lending Program: Fiscal 1982-86
The Challenge of Replicability

The Importance of Housing Markets
The Role of Institutional Finance


1. World Bank Urban Projects, Fiscal 1972-81
2. Bibliography for Urban Operations and Research

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