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How to Apply

For the January 2018 trips, the application deadline will be Friday, November 3, 2017. Please contact us if you have questions about this page or the program in general.

The Application

*The application for presentations in January 2018 is now live!*

To apply now, go here.

To learn more about our presentations, go here . Please contact us if you have questions about the program.


How do the presentations work?

In January, a pair of MIT presenters will fly down to the selected school district. The MIT presenters will stay in the area for a week. Each day, they will visit one or two schools and give around four to five presentations. The presentations themselves last between 45 and 90 minutes and include a question and answer session at the end. The presentations are geared towards an all female audience of 30 to 50 students.

When is the program available?

Our presentations are available during the four weeks in January.

Who are the presentations meant for?

The presentations are meant for an all female audience. In the past, we have found that female students are much quieter and less engaged in the presentation when male students are present. In addition, the presentations are meant to encourage interest in STEM and to promote students to take more math and science classes. Many high school seniors and even some juniors who have already decided on a particular major or career path will find the presentation less useful. Also as there is a team oriented, hands on activity in the presentation, we would prefer not to have more than 50 students at each presentation session.

Steps you must take:

  • Designate a regional contact person for your region

    Each Women's Initiative presentation trip will cover five or more middle and high schools in an area. These schools must apply for the program as a group. It is very difficult for us to communicate with all of these schools, which is why we require only one contact person who interacts with us and helps organize the presentation schedule amongst all the schools in the area.

    The main tasks of the contact person include:

    • Finding at least 5 schools in the area to apply together.
    • Communicating with teachers at the other schools to complete the application.
    • Helping to schedule the presentations with teachers at all the schools to be visited.
    • Guiding the presenters in terms of lodging and driving directions.
    • Helping to arrange lodging and transportation for presenters, preferably discounted options or even accommodation by locals (home stay).
    • Being available to answer any questions the presenters may have while visiting your region.

    Having an enthusiastic and responsible contact person who is responsive to e-mails or phone calls from both our group and the schools in your region will ensure a smooth application process and increase the chances that we will select your region for a presentation trip.

  • Designate a contact person for each school

    Each school that applies should also designate one person at the school (i.e. a teacher, a counselor) to be the contact person for that school. This contact person will be responsible for:

    • Keeping in contact with the regional contact person.
    • Completing the application for his or her school.
    • Selecting the students who will attend the presentation.
    • Answering questions from presenters about the presentation schedule at that school and the equipment available (i.e. LCD projectors, floor space, number of students).
    • Welcoming the presenters on the day of the presentation and guiding them to the correct places.

  • Decide on a schedule

    All the schools need to inform the regional contact person of their schedule in January. This allows the contact person to determine which weeks in January would be the best time for the presenters to come.

  • Filling out the application

    The regional contact person must fill out an application. There are links below this to the online application form and a printable version of the application form. Please note that you will NOT be able to complete this application if you do not have a regional contact person and contacts for each school in the area.


Last Updated: November 3, 2013