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One essential aspect of our program is that we offer our presentations free of charge to any school district in the nation that applies. Although this allows us to reach even the most economically disadvantaged areas, it also means that we must rely on generous donations from sponsors to finance the traveling costs.

Each presentation is carried out by two MIT students who will travel to a school district and present 15-25 times during their one week stay. Every trip costs an average of $2500 for the two students' travel and lodging costs. An additional $2500 is needed each year, for training sessions, presentation materials, correspondence, and publicity. We are currently looking to raise funds for a minimum of ten trips for 2013, or a total of $25,000.

All companies that financially sponsor the Women's Initiative will have their logo put on all brochures and presentations and at the end of the year's program, an annual report will be sent to the company representative. Company representatives are invited to come to most of our training sessions at MIT. In addition, if the company wishes, we will work to send speakers to areas where the company resides.

If your company is unable to help financially, you can still help out by donating small gifts bearing your company logo (i.e. T-shirts, pens, notepads). Our presentations are interactive and students are involved with hands-on activities and brainstorming exercises throughout the presentations. Giving away small gifts is a powerful incentive for students to follow the presentations closely and ask questions. We would appreciate any products you would like to donate for this purpose.

To become a sponsor, contact us through here.


Last Updated: November 3, 2013