Interactive Online Models

Web Interface For Radiative-Convective Model, written primarily by Marty Singh, with some minor contributions from me. The RC model is maintained by Kerry Emanuel and documented mostly in Emanuel and Zivkovic-Rothman, 1999: "Development and Evaluation of a Convection Scheme for Use in Climate Models", Journal of Atmospheric Science, 56, 1766-1782.

Matlab Code

MATLAB Code for Sobel & Schneider, 2009: "Single Layer Axisymmetric Model for a Hadley Circulation with Parameterized Eddy Momentum Forcing", Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, Volume 1, Article #10, 11 pp.

MATLAB Code for Betts, 2000: "Idealized Model For Equilibrium Boundary Layer Over Land", Journal of Hydrometeorology, Volume 1, pp. 507-523.

MATLAB Code to calculate and plot solutions for 1D energy balance model with heat transport implemented as relaxation to the global-mean temperature (Budyko-type). Uses step-function albedo as a function of temperature, obliquity and other parameters can be modified.

Future Projects

(Now = September 2018)

A MATLAB analysis package (set of scripts and functions) for processing results from SAM (System for Atmospheric Modeling). I have a lot of processing code written on the subject, some of which is nice and flexible, but it's not ready for public release yet. Email me if you are curious about how I make my movies or other plots!

An interactive python script to give probability distributions of high and low temperatures at a few selected weather stations in the US around specified date ranges (might be useful for WX Challenge or event planning).