Channel Aggregation Movie

Below is a movie of a simulation from a paper that I worked on with Allison Wing. It shows the evolution of clouds, precipitation, and column water vapor in a long channel. The clouds cluster over a period of tens of days, and produce moist regions where there is lots of rain, interspersed with dry regions where it hardly rains at all.

Channel, SST=305 K, 75 days

Island Simulation Movies

Below are several movies produced from the simulations with the SAM (System for Atmospheric Modeling) Cloud-system resolving model. The colors in all simulations indicate surface air temperature (cold at night over the island, or when it's raining and air is cooled by evaporation), and the white shading represents the simulated clouds. In all simulations, the domain is 'doubly-periodic', which means that when a cloud passes out of the north side of the box, it comes in the south (or vice-versa, and same with the east-west direction). The sun rises at 6 hours local solar time, and sets at 18, with 12 being noon.

48-km radius island, 2 days

Higher-resolution simulation

No surface evaporation over island

A smaller island (24 km-radius)

A larger island (96 km-radius)