Available Positions

I may take a new PhD student to start in Fall 2018 -- contact me if you are interested.

Research Group

Tristan Abbott

1st-year graduate student, working on understanding spatiotemporal statistics of rainfall and vertical velocities in organized convection.

BS in Computer Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2016).
thabbott (at) mit.edu

Tom Beucler

3rd-year graduate student co-advised with Kerry Emanuel, working on instabilities of radiative-convective equilibrium.

MS Ecole Polytechnique in Mechanics, (2014); BE Ecole Polytechnique in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry (2013)
tbeucler (at) mit.edu

Leah Birch

Harvard graduate student co-advised with Eli Tziperman, working on glacial inception over the Canadian Arctic Archipelago.

BS in Computational Mathematics, Loyola University (2012).

lbirch (at) seas.harvard.edu

Daniel Koll

James McDonnell Postdoctoral Fellow in Complex Systems, working on coupling between clouds, convection, and atmospheric dynamics on tidally-locked rocky expolanets.

PhD University of Chicago (2016).
dkoll (at) mit.edu

Nicholas Lutsko

Will be joining the group in Fall 2017!

PhD Princeton University (2016).
lutsko (at) princeton.edu

Catherine Wilka

2nd-year graduate student advised by Susan Solomon, working on second generals project with me on Lagrangian view of cold air formation.

BA in Physics, Pomona College (2012).
cwilka (at) mit.edu