Available Positions

I will likely take a new PhD student to start in Fall 2022 -- contact me if you are interested.

Research Group

Tristan Abbott

Postdoctoral associate, working on stratocumulus cloud changes with climate. Former PhD student in the group.

PhD MIT (2021).
thabbott (at) mit.edu

Ishir Dutta

3rd-year graduate student advised by Colette Heald, worked with me on a second generals project about nuances of the Planck Feedback.

BA Colgate University (2017).
idutta (at) mit.edu

Lyssa Freese

4th-year graduate student advised by Noelle Selin, worked with me on a second generals project about constrasting surface and top-of-atmosphere radiative forcing of carbon dioxide over Antarctica.

BS Georgetown University (2016).
emfreese (at) mit.edu

Olivia Norman

2nd-year graduate student advised by Colette Heald, working with me on a second generals project about atmospheric microplastics.

BS University of Maryland Baltimore County (2020).
onorman (at) mit.edu

Martin Velez Pardo

4rd-year graduate student, working on rainfall enhancement over tropical islands and dry hurricanes.

BA Universidad de los Andes (2018).
martinvp (at) mit.edu

Group Alumni

Tom Beucler

MIT PhD 2019, Interaction between water vapor, radiation and convection in the tropics, co-advised with Kerry Emanuel. Currently Assistant Professor at the University of Lausanne.

PhD MIT (2019)
tom.beucler (at) unil.ch

Leah Birch

Harvard PhD, was co-advised by Eli Tziperman and me from 2014-2017, worked on glacial inception over the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. Currently Atmospheric Data Scientist at Morse Corp.

PhD Harvard (2017).

birch.leah (at) gmail.com

Daniel Koll

Former postdoctoral associate from 2017-2021, worked on coupling between clouds, convection, and atmospheric dynamics on tidally-locked rocky expolanets, and on fundamentals of radiative transfer and the runaway greenhouse. Currently assistant professor at Peking University.

PhD University of Chicago (2016).
dkoll (at) pku.edu.cn

Nicholas Lutsko

Former postdoctoral associate from 2017-2019, worked on changes in precipitation efficieny in a warmer world and role of mountains on temperature variability. Currently assistant professor at Scripps.

PhD Princeton University (2016).
nlutsko (at) ucsd.edu

Raphael Rousseau-Rizzi

PhD student advised by Kerry Emanuel, worked with me on a second generals project about overshooting convection near the tropopause in range of dry to moist atmospheres.

PhD MIT (2021).
rrizzi (at) mit.edu

Catherine Wilka

PhD student advised by Susan Solomon, working on ozone changes in the tropical lower stratosphere. Worked with me on a second generals project with me about Lagrangian view of cold air formation.

PhD MIT (2021).
cwilka (at) mit.edu