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General Structure of Entry

A CMS entry has four elements: author(s); title; publication information including the date; and the page number or numbers. Separate the author's name from the title with a comma, and place the publication information in parentheses. If a page number is included, follow the parentheses with a comma and the page number or numbers.

  1. Author or authors: List up to three authors, all in straightforward (rather than last-name-first) order.
  2. Title: Give the full name of the work, including the subtitles, if any, which is separated from the title by a colon and a single space. Capitalize all significant words, the first word of the title, and the last word after a colon. If the source is not a book or an article, include a description of the source's form.
  3. Publication information--date format: Always give the year. In some cases, such as some types of periodicals and online sources, the month or the month and day are included as part of the date. Dates are in arabic numerals the format day, month (not abbreviated), and year, or month and year. Dates are not punctuated.
  4. Page numbers: For a range of numbers, write out the full first number followed by a hyphen and the final one or two digits of the last number (66-98, but 105-9). Give all the digits of the second number in cases where they are needed to make the range immediately apparent to the reader (66-98, but 66-103 instead of 66-03). Use the abbreviations p. and pp. for page numbers of sources from journals without volume numbers.

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