NanoBio Seminar Series

Timings : 1 pm EST

For zoom link to the talks, please email with your institute email and mention affiliation

Join us at the nanobio seminar series 2020 for an exciting journey through next generation nanoelectronics devices and beyond CMOS computing technologies and then fusing into intriguing applications of nanoelectronics and nanotechnology in bioengineering, specifically for understanding and probing the brain. Talks on disruptive nanoelectronics devices will include spintronics, neuromorphic computing, hardware for artificial intelligence and use of novel nanomaterials (such as graphene, transition metal dichalcogenides etc). Biological applications will take us through non-invasive brain-computer interfaces and novel brain recording and neuromodulation technologies

Fall'20 Seminar Schedule

Date Talk
September 2 Excitonic devices based on 2D Semiconductor Heterostructures :
Andras Kis
September 9 Approaching the Intrinsic Limit in Transition Metal Dichalcogenide van der Waals Heterostructures :
James Hone
September 16 Probabilistic Computing with p-Bits : Between a Bit and a q-Bit :
Supriyo Dutta
September 23 Unchartered territories in electronics and photonics made possible with Aluminum Nitride: an ultra wide-bandgap semiconductor :
Debdeep Jena
September 28 Stacking atomic layers: quest for new materials for novel quantum devices :
Philip Kim
October 7 Novel Devices for Biomimetic Sensing and Computing :
Saptarshi Das
October 14 The Paradigm of Collective Computing :
Suman Datta
October 21 Topological Physics in HgTe based Quantum Devices :
Laurens Molenkamp
October 28 Noninvasive Human Brain Mapping and Brain-Computer Interface :
Bin He
November 4 Brain Interface: Neural Recording and Fiberless Optical Neuromodulation at Cellular Resolution :
Euisik Yoon
November 18 CMOS Bioelectronics: From Single-Molecule Biophysics to Neuroscience :
Ken Shepard
December 2 Physiologically-informed Artificial Intelligence (PI-AI) for Improving Human Machine Interaction :
Paul Sajda
December 9 Thin Film Microfabricated Medical Implants :
Ellis Meng