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Sharing a Ride Saves Money and Natural Resources

Sharing a ride to work or school can save you money, decrease wear and tear on your vehicle, and help preserve natural resources. MIT makes it even easier to share a ride by subsidizing several sustainable options.

Vanpool: Commute with Enterprise

Please note that MIT does not reimburse for rideshare services like Lyft or Uber except in the case of an emergency. More info.


Eligible Cambridge-based MIT employees and/or students who are daily-rate commuters and who are interested in forming a carpool together may request the carpool through MITís parking app. Carpool members pay a reduced parking fee and no annual fee for parking at MIT. For more information, see the MIT carpool FAQ.

Note that you are not eligible for a carpool subsidy if:

  • You have a subsidized commuter rail pass through MIT
  • You have monthly parking in an MIT-leased space
  • You are a campus resident

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An MIT employee or student who occasionally needs a vehicle for short-term use can join Zipcar as a sustainable alternative. MIT hosts 12 Zipcars on campus and sponsors Zipcar memberships for staff and students. An MIT-sponsored member pays no application fee, no security deposit, and just a $35.00 annual fee.

Zipcars on campus are located at:

Zipcars can be used by the hour or the day. Insurance and gas are included in the hourly and daily rates. Please note that ZipCar adds an hourly/daily Young Driver Fee for drivers aged 18-24, and this fee is slightly higher for younger drivers (ages 18-20). Reserve online any time, pick up the car, and drive.

To apply, just sign up for a Zipcar account online. Note that Zipcar is a private company and is not affiliated with MIT.

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Vanpool: Commute with Enterprise

MIT partners with Commute with Enterprise to offer a program that helps MIT employees share the commute in a vehicle provided by Enterprise. Vehicles are rented on a month-to-month basis, and the cost is split among participants. For eligible MIT employees, MIT provides a subsidy as well as a pre-tax payroll deduction benefit.

Note that you are not eligible for a vanpool subsidy if:

  • You have a subsidized commuter rail pass through MIT
  • You have monthly parking in an MIT-leased space
  • You are a campus resident

Instructions for Vanpool enrollment

  • First, the rideshare group should select a primary member, and that member completes the Commute with Enterprise enrollment, explaining that this is an MIT group. Enterprise provides the group with an account number and estimated cost.
  • The primary member then enrolls the rideshare group in the payroll deduction plan through Atlas (go to Commuting Benefits, Vanpool Subsidy). The deduction enrollment form must be completed no later than the 5th of the month prior to the month in which enrollment is to begin. (For example, if the rideshare plans to begin in February, enrollment must be made on or before January 5th.)
  • MIT pays a subsidy of $100/month for each member of the rideshare group. This subsidy goes directly to Enterprise and is reflected in a reduced Commute with Enterprise cost.
  • The groupís members are responsible for the remainder of the costs. Each member can elect to pay some or all of the remaining cost as a pre-tax payroll deduction, up to the current Federal and State pre-tax maximum allowances.
  • Enterprise will send an invoice directly to the primary member of the group, who is responsible for the full payment to Enterprise. The groupís other members are responsible for reimbursing the primary member for their shares.
  • To terminate the rideshare, the primary member notifies Enterprise and must also cancel the deduction program on Atlas. The Atlas cancellation must take place no later than the 5th of the month prior to the month in which enrollment is to terminate.

MITís vanpool subsidy and pre-tax payroll deduction program is available to MIT employees only. Please note that the cost of parking the van is included in the monthly fee paid to Enterprise, and the monthly rideshare benefit cannot exceed the actual cost of the service.

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