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International Congress on Rheology, August 2012 

ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, November 2005

Society of Rheology Annual Meeting, November 2005

Fourth Pacific Rim Conference on Rheology, August 2005

Extensional Flows of Polymer Solutions in Microfluidic Converging/Diverging Geometries,
Proceedings of 4th Pacific Rim Conference on Rheology, G.H. McKinley, L.E. Rodd, M.S.N. Olivera,
and J.J. Cooper-White

Sixth microgravity fluid physics and transport phenomena conference, August 2002

An Interferometric Investigation of Contact Line Dynamics.
H. P. Kavehpour, B. Ovryn, and G. H. McKinley. August 14-16, 2002

2002 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress, November 2002

Compression Studies of Magneto-Rheological Fluid Filled Foams.
Suraj Deshmukh and G. H. McKinley. November 17-22, 2002

6th European Rheology Conference (EURheo - 2002), September 2002

A Sliding Plate Microrheometer for Monitoring Structure Evolution in Self-Assembling Peptide Solutions and Other Complex Fluids. C. Clasen, B. Gearing, L. Anand and G. H. McKinley. September 1-6, 2002

1st International Symposium on Applied Rheology, January 2001

Filament Stretching Rheometry and the Extensional Viscosity of Dilute and Concentrated Polymer Solutions
G. H. McKinley, O. Brauner and M. Yao. January 18-19, 2001

International Congress on Rheology, August 2000

Axisymmetric Flow Induced Birefringence Measurements for the Flow of a Polystyrene Boger Fluid into an Abrupt Contraction-Expansion. J.P. Rothstein and G.H. McKinley. Wednesday, August 23, 2000.
For a copy of this presentation, please click here: Rheology_2k_Rothstein_McKinley_presentation.pdf (309k)

A Decade of Filament Stretching Rheometry
G. H. McKinley, Tuesday, August 29, 2000

Society of Rheology Annual Meeting, October 1999

SF1: An interlaboratory comparison of measurements from filament-stretching rheometers using common test fluids S.L. Anna, G.H. McKinley
Session: Shear-free Flows Wednesday, October 20, 1999 9:45am Hall of Ideas I / Track 3

SF3: The effect of a known preshear history on the transient stress growth in uniaxial elongational flows of dilute polystyrene solutions Session: Shear-free Flows, S.L. Anna, G.H. McKinley
Wednesday, October 20, 1999 10:35am Hall of Ideas I / Track 3

SF4: A new model suitable for flows with strong extensional components, G.H. McKinley
Session: Shear-free Flows Wednesday, October 20, 1999 11:00am Hall of Ideas I / Track 3

FM8: The influence of the transient extensional viscosity on the Couette pressure correction and the vortex growth dynamics in an axisymmetric contraction-expansion, J.P. Rothstein, G.H. McKinley, Session: Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics Monday, October 18, 1999 2:20pm Hall of Ideas I / Track 3
For a copy of this presentation please click here Rothstein_McKinley_SoR_99.pdf (814kb)

GN6: Microrheometry for polymer melts and concentrated solutions G.J.C. Braithwaite, G.H. McKinley
Session: General Session Thursday, October 21, 1999 8:30am Meeting Room P-Q / Track 3

MS25: Stretching and breakup of entangled polymeric liquids A. Tripathi, S.H. Speigelberg, G.H. McKinley
Session: Rheology of Polymer Melts and Solutions Thursday, October 21, 1999 9:20am Hall of Ideas J / Track 4

Numerical workshop, August 1999

Interfaces for the Future

Polymer Processing Society, June 1999

Conference Paper: Extensional Rheometry of Polymeric Fluids and the Uniaxial Elongation of Viscoelastic Filaments (GHMconf1.pdf), G.H. McKinley, S.L. Anna, A. Tripathi