Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Department of Urban Studies and Planning

Spatial Database Management and Advanced Geographic Information Systems
Fundamentals of Spatial Database Management
Advanced Geographic Information System Project 

Lab Exercises and Homework - Spring 2017

Part I Spatial Information and Database Management  

Lab 1

Review of ArcMap and Introduction to Data Management with Postgres, Access, Excel

Tues. 7 Feb.

Lab 2

Land Use and Land Value Patterns in East Boston: Getting Comfortable with Relational Queries and Map-Database-Spreadsheet Interaction

Tues. 14 Feb.

no lab President's day (Monday schedule on Tuesday, Feb. 16) Tues. 21 Feb.

Problem Set A

The Zoning Variance Database & Categorization via Lookup Tables) (in lieu of Lab 3)

Thurs. 23 Feb.




Part II Integrating Mapping and DBMS  

Lab 4

Mapping Boston Parcels and Property Sales

Tues. 28 Feb.

Lab 5

Developing a Land Value Map for Boston using ArcGIS Spatial Analyst and Model Builder

Tues. 7 Mar.

Lab 6

Metro Boston Modeling using TINs, Model Builder and Community Viz

Tues. 14 Mar.


Hands-on in-lab test

Tues. 21 Mar.

Problem Set B Distribute 'Relational Database Design' Exercise Tues. 21 Mar.




11.523 Ends & 11.524 Begins
Part III GIS Project  


Lab 7

Intro to Web Mapping and Geoprocessing Services

Tues. 4 April

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