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  The IPTS Director would act to secure funding for the projects that are needed before a tsunami. The director would also oversee the efforts of the directors below him as well as serve as an intermediary between governments.


  The responsibility of the IPTWS Director before a tsunami revolves around the installation and maintenance of the detection and warning systems. These duties include the buoys, satellite communication, and the computer systems at the national level. Training for the staff underneath the director would also be needed.


  During the time before a tsunami, the IPTRS Director would verify that the supply depots were being maintained and assist in that endeavor if necessary. The director would also work with the IPTISS to make sure the the national systems would be capable of responding to an event. Working with NGO's would also come during this time to ensure that the organizations would know the procedure when an event occurs.


  The IPTIS Director would coordinate academic efforts and research about tsunami and tsunami engineering. The principle effort would be to create an academic base from which ideas can be drawn to make the IPTS better. Establishing academic conferences would come during this time as well.


  The IPTISS Director would work with nations before a tsunami to ensure an effective response when a tsunami occurs. The time before a tsunami would be taken to work with the national systems to develop evacuation plans and educate the public so that they would follow those plans. The director would work to raise the overall level to infrastructure systems, such as medical and transportation systems, so as to accelerate a response when an event occurs.