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  The Director of the International Pacific Tsunami Information System (IPTIS) would focus primarily on the academic portion of the tsunami network. This means dealing with scientific community as well as working with other place which wish to develop tsunami systems.
  With this mission and being under the United Nations, it would then make sense for the information system to absorb agencies with similar tasks now operating. The foremost of these is the International Tsunami information Center (ITIC). The ITIC works to develop tsunami systems and also serves as a forum through which the world can act to increase general tsunami readiness. The IPTIS Director would achieve this through conferences of the scientific community, the minimum of which would be held annually before the general conference of member nations. This conference would serve as a time for the scientific community to make recommendations to the national conference. Though the information system would be maintained by the Pacific nations, the effort needed to extend the information system, which would be worthwhile as part of the United Nations, would be minimal. In this manner, the IPTIS would be able to provide support to other developing tsunami projects.
  Also included in the IPTIS would be the current role of the Tsunami Evaluation Coalition. Part of the responsibility of the IPTIS would be to recommend changes to the system before and after an event. Since TEC is currently serving in this capacity in a temporary manner, IPTIS would create a standing unit responsible for maintaining the relevancy of the International Pacific Tsunami System.
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