Ring Committee
From Left to Right: (Front Row) Tina Shih, Kimberly Chao, Stephanie Chow, Nadya Mawjee, Sudha Amarnath, Helena Chia (Back Row) Reuben Cummings, Doug Quattrochi, Andy Kutas, Amal Dorai, Neelesh Chudasama, Maxwell Planck (not pictured) Patrick Kim

Doug J. Quattrochi
Affiliation: Sigma Nu

Doug's a varsity fencer intending to get a degree in Aero/Astro. When he's not designing Brass Rats or Rockets (or fencing), he doesn't know what to do.

Nadya Mawjee
Residence: Next House

Nadya is a spunky little gal who is always stressing over her psychology work. She is a great source of encouragement for the committee; she always has a cute comment about the beaver. Make sure to take a look at her wonderful smile in the committee picture seen above.

Amal Dorai
Residence: East Campus

Amal's recent endeavors include auditioning for Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and David Letterman. While he's not pursuing his 15 minutes of fame that have gotten more elusive since he realized he couldn't be the ace pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, he enjoys nice people, nice music, and a sexy southern accent.

Steph W. Chow
Residence: McCormick

Steph W. Chow is a SillyAppleGirl hailing from central Connecticut majoring in Brain and Cognitive Sciences and minoring in espãnol. She enjoys tennis, volleyball, and sailing, Instant Messenging, reading the fourth front page column article in the Boston Metro, and laughing at anything and nothing. She feels that the two things every MIT student needs to do before graduating are to experience Haymarket and to buy a 2004 Brass Rat.

Kimberly Chao
Affiliation: Alpha Chi Omega

Kimberly was born in upstate New York and raised in Georgia. She's course 10 and 15. She loves the river-view she has in Baker. She is also a fantastic dancer; check her out at the next Dance Troupe performance.

Andy Kutas
Affiliation: Beta Theta Pi

Andy comes from Huntington Beach, Southern California, and is currently studying Mech E. When he's the first man on Mars, you know he'll be sporting the Brass Rat. He's also into rap music--check out G-Dep's debut album when it drops November 20.

Neelesh Chudasama
Residence: Baker

Neel is a biology and chemistry major from New Jersey. In his spare time, he likes to play guitar and lacrosse.

Helena Chia
Residence: East Campus

Helena's happy to live at East Campus where she's lucky to have such amazing people around her. From Arcadia, California, she finds her fun as a yellow belt on the MIT Korean Karate Club and works by majoring in Course 2. She loves hopping on the T and just relaxing by enjoying life whereever she ends up.

Tina Shih
Residence: McCormick

Tina is a "ringer" artist for the 2004 Ring Committee. During a recent committee meeting with the company artist, she was given an offer on the spot after the company representative saw one of her initial sketches of a ring design. Her creative input is one of the many factors that will make this the best ring ever.

Reuben Cummings
Affiliation: Chocolate City

Reuben, also the 2004 UA Council Treasurer, devotes a lot of his precious time to the 2004 Ring Committee. Always late for another meeting, Reuben puts a lot of effort into making the 2004 Ring amazing.

Maxwell Planck
Affiliation: Chi Phi

Although Max is the Vice President of the class of 2004, he is also a member of the ring committee. Having a true interest in design, Max thoroughly enjoys his time on the council, providing his ideas and silly comments.

Sudha Amarnath
Affiliation: Burton Connor

Sudha is the secretary for the 2004 Ring Committee. Her uplifting attitude and sincere insight is always welcome in committee meetings. She is especially enthusiastic about the beaver design- "He's so cute!"

Patrick Kim
Affiliation: Sigma Nu

Patrick grew up in the little town of La Cañada, Southern California. He plans on majoring in VI-2 and XV, as well as minoring in XIV. In the extensive amounts of time he usurps from MIT, Patrick likes to sing, dance, act, play various sports, and hang out with friends (all at the very same time). He's a Sagittarius and enjoys the occasional candlelit dinner as well as casual strolls on the beach. If you're beautiful, intelligent, fun-loving, and sporting a brass rat...