Welcome to the website for the Class of 2004 Ring Committee.

Don't have your ring... Don't have

your accessories ... Unsatisfied

with your ring

If you have any of these problems, you can contact Jostens at aps@jostens.com or you can contact us. If you have not settled your balance or you have not contacted Jostens with an address that you can have your ring sent to, please settle this by contacting Jostens. We are currently nagging Jostens about getting all accessories to those who ordered them, and we will contact you all if there are any complications. Currently, Jostens is in the process of shipping all accessories (we hope) they have not yet sent.

If you are not satisfied with your ring IN ANY WAY, contact Jostens and they will send you a pre-paid package to send the ring back to Josten's factory. They have informed us that all services should take at least three weeks.

Please do not hesitate to ask for service on a ring with which you are unsatisfied. YOU DESERVE THE BEST!

Want to buy your ring...

If you didn't get a chance to buy your ring yet, order by phone.

Pictures of the ring surfaces have been posted!

You can also take a look at the actual flash presentation we used at the Premiere.

Also, the rings will come with a detailed brochure of all the symbolism behind the ring, so don't worry about forgetting all that happened during the premiere. We'll make sure that you'll receive an owner's manual once you make your purchase.

Happy buying!

-Ring Comm

It's your Brass Rat.

You deserve the BEST.

Contact us: 2004ring_suggestion@mit.edu