The Scavenger Hunt

Submissions have been closed and the winner has been declared. Congratulations to the winner and the runner-ups. Make sure to pick up your prizes at the Premiere.

Special Thanks to Stephanie Chow (RingComm member) for organizing this event.

Past Material:

FIRST CLUE (posted 2/11/2002)

SECOND CLUE (posted 2/18/2002)

THIRD CLUE (posted 2/25/2002)

FOURTH CLUE (posted 3/5/2002)

Note to all participants: Incorrect responses will receive an email reply indicating the week containing the error so that they may try another answer submission before the 8th. (Responses to incorrect answers will be sent between five and ten hours after submission, but RingComm cannot guarantee email-response-quickness, so it is in the teams' best interest to submit correctly the first time!)

The winning Teams will be given the Final Clue so they may seek out and claim their prize.

Are you and a team of up to three others interested in gaining a discount to your Brass Rat? Or a dinner for four to Legal Seafoods? Try your minds at the 2004 RingComm Scavenger Hunt!

Just complete the riddles for each week (February 10th-March 3rd) and be the first team to submit them to RingComm at the end of the month! The clues will be posted on the RingComm website every Sunday.

Directions: The clues are simple and non-tricky! Just write down the correct response to each clue. Every Sunday RingComm will release another set of clues. On March 3rd, an online form will be posted on the RingComm website in which teams will enter all accumulated responses for the entire scavenger hunt.

The first two teams to submit a correct form will receive a prize!


FIRST PLACE: AFREE 2004 BRASS RAT!!! Depending on the number of members on your team, the winning scavenger hunt team will collectively receive the equivalent to a 2004 brass rat. (A four person winning team would receive 25% off, while an individual working alone would receive the ring for free.)

cost of ring limited to an 18k man's grand ring

SECOND PLACE: a dinner for four at Legal Sea Foods.

RUNNER-UPS: free Movie Tickets to the Fenway Theater.