FINAL EXAM: December 16th 37-212 1:30- 430 - open book

6.263/16.37:  Lectures & Handouts

recommended reading:

Beyond Routing: An Algebraic Approach to Network Coding
Ralf Koetter , Muriel Medard

A random linear network coding approach to multicast

T. Ho, M. Medard, R. Koetter, M. Effross, J. Shix and B. Longy

The Importance of Being Opportunistic: Practical Network Coding for Wireless Environments
S. Katti, D. Katabi, W. Hu, H. Rahul, M. Medard

W. B. Norton, "Internet Service Providers and Peering", Draft paper, 2000.

A Technical Tutorial on the IEEE 802.11 Protocol
By Pablo Brenner

MACAW A Media Access Protocol for Wireless LAN’s
V. Bharghavan, A. Demers, S. Shenker, L. Zhang

Achieving 100% Throughputin an Input-Queued Switch
N. McKeown, A. Mekkittikul, V. Anantharam, J. Walrand

Birkhoff-von Neumann Input-Buffered Crossbar Switchesfor Guaranteed-Rate Services
C. Chang, W. Chen, and H. Huang

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