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Students and Alumni
My four-year stint with SMA has accorded me with unparallel knowledge and exposure. It has enabled me to visualise matters from different perspectives. Through interactions with the people from MIT, my self-esteem as well as self-confidence in making decisions has improved tremendously.
Eric Kan Wing Hong, AMM&NS, Ph.D. student, 2001 intake

In the journey of life, there are many turning points. In mine, the SMA experience will definitely be one of the most important. The rigorous coursework has equipped me well for my future endeavours in a research-focused career. The interaction with faculty from both sides of the globe has motivated me to strive for excellence. Finally, working with students from diverse backgrounds will help me work better in a globalised economy in the future.
Koh Yaw Koon, AMM&NS, Ph.D. student, 2003 intake

My experience at SMA has been a great journey with caring and committed professors, outstanding students, dedicated staff and many new dear friends. In particular, through SMA, I have been provided with the unique opportunity to learn and exchange ideas and cultures with talented students from many countries such as Singapore, China, India, Malaysia and Vietnam. Through the excellent global collaboration in research and education between NUS, NTU and MIT, I have been trained well to think independently and critically as well as to acquire profound knowledge that will help me excel in my future career.
Nguyen Ngoc Cuong, HPCES, Ph.D. student, 2001 intake

SMA has been one of the few experiences that has profoundly affected my outlook in life. I joined SMA, expecting an endless supply of incomprehensible lectures and mind-numbing exams, which, unfortunately, became true. Why did I end up asking for more? SMA not only gave me the opportunity to learn from, and work with, some of the brightest minds from Cambridge and Singapore, but also instilled in me an interest in investigating manufacturing phenomena - an interest I feel can be satiated through SMA.
John Benedict Cheng Tajan, IMST, Ph.D. student, 2004 intake

For me, being a part of SMA is an experience of a lifetime. We gained insight not only academically but more importantly, the opportunity to work with fellow course mates who bring their own unique perspectives and experiences to the SMA programme. Thank you SMA.
Ng Jin Kiat, MEBCS, Ph.D. student, 2004 intake

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