SAP ZBILL03 - Prebilling and exception report

This report is used to review the bill requests created by ZPSR002C for accuracy (by comparing them to GL25 in BrioQuery) and to check the WBS elements against an exception list to see if special handling (for example, quarterly billing or additional copies) is required.

The form status of WBS elements being billed for the first time is also checked and changed, if needed.

  1. Get started (menu path, fast path)
  2. Pre-Billing and Exception Report: selection screen
  3. Pre-Billing and Exception Report

1. Get Started

2. Pre-Billing and Exception Report: initial screen

Pre-Billing and Exception Report: initial screen

  1. Enter selection data:

    Project (optional)

    Customer Sponsor Codes (optional)

    Sales Documents (required; fill in first and last bill request numbers from ZPSR002C)

    Billing Period (defaults to prior month)

    Pre-bill Created On (defaults to current month)

  2. execute or F8 to Execute.
    A sample report is shown below. The records are ordered by billing request number.

3. Pre-Billing and Exception Report

Pre-Billing and Exception Report

Report column Description
Sponsor Project sponsor code
WBS Element Project WBS element
Begin Date Project begin date
Project Project title
End Date Project end date
Last bill Date of last project bill
Form Status

Form or bill type that project bill is printed on. - Click here for list of current bill forms.

Bill Request Bill request number (as created by ZPSR002C).
Customer Sponsor research customer number
Authorized total Project authorized total
Cumulative Cumulative billing to date, including the current month
Other Rev/WIP Top line is revenue other than 800600 (Oth Rev); bottom line is "work in progress" (WIP) or cost of work performed this billing period
Over Expense/Current Top line is overexpenditure to-date (Over Expense); bottom line (Current) is amount appropriate to be billed this billing period (if there were no limit to funds available).

The ZBILL03 report is reviewed by the office of Sponsor Research Accounting, as described below.

  1. To check that the current amounts to bill (in Current field) are correct, the report is compared with GL25 from BrioQuery.
  2. To determine if bills require special handling, the WBS elements are looked up in an exceptions list maintained by Sponsor Research Accounting.

    For example, some bills are sent quarterly, instead of monthly. When this is true, you need to use VA02 - Reject all Line Items for Billing Request.

  3. For projects being billed for the first time (Cumulative field = Current field), the Form Status column is checked for correctness.

    For the purpose of the current billing, an error in Form Status can be corrected using CJ02 - Change Bill Form; however, OSP should be contacted in order to change it permanently in COEUS.

  4. If an amount appears in the Other Rev or Over Expense field (see line 3 of the sample report), special attention is given to determining that the Current field for the WBS element is correct.

After special handling has been noted or arranged for, and any form status errors corrected, ZVF04 is run to create bills, usually for one page of ZBILL03 (which is in bill request order) at a time. For each page of ZBILL03, the bill numbers (9xxxxxxx) are noted down; then the bills are printed using ZBILL01 and/or ZBILL02, before ZVF04 is run on the next page of ZBILL03 bill requests.

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