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It is MIT's policy that all material contained in course readers must have prior permission from copyright owners. CopyTech has a Copyright Service that is integrated into the production process.

How to put together a course reader:

  • Determine which material will be used and the assembly order.
  • Provide a good master copy.
  • Provide a complete Copyright Permissions Request Form (available at CopyTech, or download this PDF file) with bibliographic information. Our copyright tutorial can help you.
  • Bring everything to our 11-004 or E52-045 locations.
  • Indicate the estimated enrollment number and start of class date.
  • When the copyright permissions are completed, we will begin to scan and print the document for the start of class.
  • Students will purchase readers over the counter at the start of the semester.

We suggest that you be realistic but conservative in your estimated enrollment numbers. We can print your course materials on demand for students. We guarantee 24-hour turnaround time for printing.

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