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Jason hanging over the side of the Carolyn Chouest, ready to go in for a dive (note the special "snowshoe" grippers on the manipulator arm, designed for picking up ceramics without damage).
Inside the control van with Jason in closed-loop control (note that the pilot has his arms folded). Tom Crook, navigator (foreground), then L to R Dana Yoerger (control wizard), Will Sellars (pilot), Jim Catteau (U.S. Navy), Louis Whitcomb (engineer).
NR-1 nuclear powered research submarine docked next to the Carolyn Chouest in Naples.
DM Taking a brief spin at the NR-1 controls (note the speaking tube for talking to the engine room).
NR-1 submerged and underway
Brendan has more NR-1 photos. Check them out here!




Deep Water Archaeology Research Group
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Ave. Rm e51-194
Cambridge, MA 02139



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