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Newsletters and images from Sinop, Turkey

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During this research trip DeepArch members took turns writing dispatches home, reflecting different perspectives on the expedition.

Newsletter 1 - Prof. David Mindell outlines the team, gear, and goals

Newsletter 2 - MIT STS  graduate student Brendan Foley on our arrival and first day

Newsletter 3 - MIT Mechanical Engineering senior Sarah Webster talks about the day's operations

Newsletter 4 - MIT Ocean Engineering senior Katy Croff adds some levity

Newsletter 5 -  Brendan Foley describes live boating and navigation issues

Newsletter 6 - Sea Grant Research Engineer Justin Manley outlines work on the 19th century wreck site

Newsletter 7 - Katy Croff sees a pod of dolphins and the shoreline of the ancient lake

Newsletter 8 - David Mindell: rough weather and a trip to visit the governor

Newsletter 9 - Archaeogeophysicist Meg Watters conducts offshore remote sensing

Newsletter 10 - Katy Croff and the "Love Boat"

Newsletter 11 - David Mindell sums up the experience

National Geographic website for Sinop 1999 project




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