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From: David Mindell
Subject: Sinop Newsletter #11
July 25, 1999

Hello everybody,

Just a quick final note to let you know how things wrapped up. We're all gone from Sinop now, having left in a few different shifts on long flights home. We're all very pleased with the project, as we accomplished a number of our scientific goals (identifying the ancient coastline, continuing our surveys of Sinop harbor) and a number of educational ones (training and exciting a great group of students in the new world of deep water archaeology) so we're all considering the project a success. Like any scientific endeavor, however, it will require months of analyzing the data to figure out what it all means, and to decide where to go from here. The best guess is that we'll begin surveying in deep water next year (that is, *real* deep water, which to us means not 150-200 meters but more like 2,000 deep in the anoxic part of the Black Sea), and we may just bring a few autonomous vehicles to try out the new technology.

A final thank you to all of you for listening in, and to all of the students for typing up the newsletters and for doing such an excellent job at sea. By the end of the trip, routinely 2 of the 3 boats we were using were under the charge of MIT students.





Deep Water Archaeology Research Group
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Ave. Rm e51-194
Cambridge, MA 02139



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