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Durability and Sustainability Efforts Are Key to Success

Our staff are very pragmatic people who are service minded. There’s a sense of camaraderie on many levels that manifests itself in the kinds of initiatives we generate.

The longevity and sustainability of a building are of utmost importance to Facilities. As a result of our efforts to achieve these qualities in our structures, several of our buildings have received awards, including our Central Utilities Plant. In addition, our environmental efforts were acknowledged with commendations and a Go Green Award from the City of Cambridge.

A department newsletter, The Foundation, features stories on our employees, their work projects and their personal accomplishments. Every issue highlights awards that Facilities staff receive as well as compliments from our customers.

With all the new construction on campus, it’s important to keep the MIT community informed. We do that through construction updates, by sending emails and now, with our News & Features page. Look here for news and photos of what Facilities is up to on campus.



Department Directory

Campus Engineering and Construction

Richard Amster
Director, Facilities Campus Engineering and Construction

Sue Crowley
Senior Administrative Assistant


John DiFava
Director, Facilities Operations and Security

Mary Harrington
Senior Administrative Assistant

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