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Campus Services and Stewardship

The vice president for campus services and stewardship (VPCSS) oversees the offices responsible for MITís built environment, from its design, construction, maintenance, and operation (including utilities) to its resiliency, renewal, and environmental impact, all while advancing the health and safety of MIT community members. Learn more about the organization of VPCSS.

The VPCSS Communications group manages communications for the Department of Facilities and the Office of Campus Planning, offering strategic guidance and producing a range of materials to engage and inform the MIT and Cambridge communities of the programs, services, and work of these groups. For media questions and requests, contact the team.

Also supporting the Department of Facilities and the Office of Campus Planning, the Human Resources group advances a vibrant and diverse work community through a range of services, support, and programs. This team is responsible for managing staffing, employee and labor relations, career development, benefits, and more. Request information by contacting Search for Facilities jobs through HR at MIT.

The Department of Facilities (DOF)

As stewards of the campus, the Department of Facilities creates, cares for, and powers MITís physical environment while implementing high-performance solutions to maximize campus sustainability. The office builds, maintains, and optimizes campus structures and grounds, and provides the utilities and services necessary to advance the educational and research activities of the Institute.

MIT Environment, Health & Safety (EHS)

EHS provides the services, resources, and support that MITís departments, laboratories, and centers need to achieve good practices and regulatory compliance in the realms of environment, health, and safety. The office strives to safeguard the health of the MIT community and advance its sustainability goals by minimizing the impacts of MITís activities, facilities, and operations. Areas of focus include biosafety, chemical safety, overall laboratory and general workplace safety, and emergency preparedness as well as construction safety, radiation protection, pollution management and prevention, and waste management.

Office of Campus Planning (OCP)

OCP supports MITís mission through planning and design coordination projects that help guide the strategic development and transformation of the Instituteís evolving campus. At each stage of planning, the office evaluates and prioritizes issues of design, sustainability, accessibility, optimal land use, fiscal responsibility, and neighborhood impact. Its efforts and advocacy are aimed at creating and stewarding educational environments at MIT that foster innovation, collaboration, and creativity.

Office of Sustainability (MITOS)

Established in 2013, MITOS seeks ways to integrate sustainability across all levels of the MIT campus by engaging the collective brainpower of its community members. Focus areas include creating a low-carbon campus; conserving and improving MITís water, landscape, and air quality; improving the material lifecycle on campus through procurement and waste reduction strategies; and exploring options for healthier food consumption and waste processes on campus. The officeís goals include collaborating extensively with campus partners to ensure that sustainability is a critical part of MITís standard operating procedures and is fully integrated into the communityís work, research, teaching, and living practices.

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Department Directory

Office of the Vice President for
Campus Services and Stewardship

Joe Higgins
Vice President for
Campus Services and Stewardship

Helen Balzano
Senior Administrative Assistant

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