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Administrative Core (A)
James C. Paulson Director
Anna Tran-Crie Assistant Director
Jill Ferguson Technical Writer & Scientific Liaison
Bioinformatics Core (B)
Rahul Raman Director/Bioinformatics/IT
Ganesh Venkataraman Consultant
Henrik Clausen Consultant
Kurt Drickamer Consultant
Bernard Henrissat Consultant
Ram Sasisekharan Coordinator
Analytical Core (C)
Stuart Haslam Director
Anne Dell Coordinator
Richard D. Cummings Consultant
Carbohydrate Synthesis Core (D)
Ola Blixt Director
Nahid Razi Associate Director
Nicolai Bovin Consultant
James Paulson Coordinator
Chi-Huey Wong Coordinator
Gene Microarray Core (E)
Steve Head Director
James Paulson Coordinator
Mouse Transgenics Core (F)
Peter Sobieszczuk Director
Jamey D. Marth Coordinator
James Paulson Coordinator
Mouse Phenotype Core (G)
Dzung Le Co-Director
Jeffrey M. Long Co-Director
Sally Orr Co-Director
Nissi Varki Co-Director
Sally Orr Assistant Coordinator
Jamey D. Marth Coordinator
Protein-Carbohydrate Interaction Core (H)
Richard Alvarez Director
Anne Leppanen Co-Director
Richard D. Cummings Coordinator

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